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Title It's All Good
Author Jill Stevens
Retail Price $16.95
Category Biography
Size 6"x9" paperback
288 pages
Pub. Date August 2008
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I laced up my running shoes and headed into the Afghanistan desert to begin my morning run on the path around the military base. Normally on a long run I could put my body on autopilot—but not here. I had to stay alert on the rocky terrain, and the signs I passed every so often that read “Mines” were a clear reminder that I was running through a minefield!

We all experience our own metaphorical minefields in life—situations that have the potential to cause us serious damage, whether physically, emotionally or spiritually. Sometimes we can march right through these situations, and other times we can barely muddle through.

I ran through a real minefield in Afghanistan, but I soon realized I had already run through other minefields in my life—only they were disguised as feelings of failure, my parents’ divorce, a distorted body image, military training, and the pressures of college. However, I would yet pass through some of my toughest minefields as I entered the pageant world.

This book is written to share what I’ve faced—and overcome. Whether I’m working as a nurse in an emergency room, running a marathon, or walking the runway at the Miss America Pageant, one thing is for certain—it’s all good.

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